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»TOXIC TRIP« (TOTP) is NATO Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defence in Air Operations Exercise, designed to improve interoperability amongst NATO, Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) nations and NATO Partners across the Globe through multinational exercise scenarios, demonstrations and information exchange.



TOXIC TRIP exercises are organized annually by NATO CBRN Defence Capability Development Group (CBRN CDG) / Training and Exercise Panel (TEP) / Working Team 3 (Air Force) (WT3). The TOTP16 exercise was held at ANTALYA Air Force Base (AFB), TUR, from 15 – 22 October 2016. There were 385 participants from 11 NATO countries (BEL, CAN, DEU, FRA, GBR, ITA, NLD, NOR, POL, SVN, TUR), 4 partner countries (AUT, FYROM¹, NZL, SWE) and 1 NATO organization (Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence).



CBRN defense tactics, techniques and procedures used by participating nations were exercised and demonstrated during the exercise. The Cross Training Phase (16-18 October) allowed the participants had a chance to see all capabilities and tactics, techniques and procedures of participating units. Again, it was a great benefit and highly appreciated part of the exercise.



The scenario during the Exercise phase (19-20 October) put units to multinational joint environment and all incidents played during the exercise required harmonized team work of all units from 7 playing nations (BEL, CAN, DEU, FRA, ITA, SWE, TUR) in conducting CBRN reconnaissance, decontamination and sampling operations, first aid to injured personnel, dealing with contaminated injured personnel, performing pilot extraction etc.



There were four medical teams (BEL, CAN, DEU, and TUR) and this allowed again a good link between CBRN TOTP and Medical CLEAN CARE exercises.

JCBRN Defence COE participated with two members (OF-2 Gorazd STERGAR, OF-4 Petr VALENTA) as Lessons Identified / Lessons Learned Team leaders. The team of more than 20 participants from different nations, services and organizations has generated more than 100 observations that will be used by participants during their training sessions in preparation for real missions.



At last, it is worth mentioning the excellent host nation support provided by TUR Air Force.



Follow the TOXIC TRIP webpage for updates. TOTP17 is to be hosted by NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force / E-3A Component in, Geilenkirchen Air Base, DEU in September 2017.



Author: CPT (OF-2) Gorazd STERGAR (SVN)
Photos: TUR Air Force


¹ TUR recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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