c_270_180_16777215_0_0_images_PICTURES_2019_0312_CBRN_Analysis_Superuser_CoursePhoto.jpgIt was the JCBRN Defence COE’s honour to continue with the excellent cooperation and relationship with the Bruhn NewTech Company, Denmark. Since 2012, Mr Erik Schmidt Nielsen has returned to the vicinity of the JCBRN Defence COE to conduct a two-day CBRN Analysis Super User – Refresher Course. The course design introduces changes, new features and improvements made to CBRN Analysis, Warning and Reporting software. This program is the current NATO standard for evaluating CBRN events or incidents and is based on STANAG 2103, ATP-45 (E). Repeating his success from last year, Mr. Nielsen trained the course participants together with Mrs. Dorte Sandager. They are both highly experienced as super users, instructors and lectors.

The 11 international course participants from NATO and NATO PfP Nations (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden) proved their expert and advanced levels. Step-by-step, they accomplished the computer based exercise module and became acquainted with the automated procedures. The course size also supported a creative environment to share national and NATO experience from various levels of command and control.

As usually the course was a good opportunity to reinforce the participants’ abilities to implement the newest knowledge concerning CBRN Warning & Reporting into upcoming NATO training activities such as for example the exercise BRAVE BEDUIN 2019.

The JCBRN Defence COE intends to continue with its educational and training activities in the area of CBRN Warning and Reporting.

For additional information about further courses check the Training, Exercises & Education part on this link https://www.jcbrncoe.cz/tp/.

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Photos: WO Petr MOHNACS (CZE A), Mrs. Hana JURČOVÁ