c_270_180_16777215_0_0_images_PICTURES_2019_0327_GeneralVisit_Pict1.jpgBased on an official invitation from MG Jaromír Zůna, the First Deputy Chief of Defence of the Czech Armed Forces to LTG Peter Bohrer who led the German delegation from the Joint Support and Enabling Service (JSES) to Prague, the Czech Republic, over the period of 20 - 21 March 2019. The subject of the meeting was regarding the future cooperation between the Bundeswehr and the Czech Armed Forces in the fields of logistics and CBRN defence.

The first day of the visit was mainly focused on enhancing the development of logicstic capabilities within the Alliance in accordance with the Framework Nation Concept (FNC). As of today, Logistics is considered as one of the most critical areas of capability development to support NATO‘s defence posture.

In addition, millitary movement and flexibility were discussed under this topic. For explanation, the intent of Alliance is to speed up administrative procedures during crossborder movements. Therefore, the Czech Republic is focusing its attention on unifying national procedures, doctrines and regulations to avoid discrepancies with EU regulations regarding movements of the foreign millitary bodies across member state countries.

The second day of the visit was focused on visiting the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRN Def COE), The delegation was welcomed by the Director Colonel Vratislav Osvald and his Deputy Colonel Wolfgang Reich.

Colonel Osvald informed the delegation about the comprehensive overview of Centre’s mission, tasks and current activities. Colonel Wolfgang Reich presented the JCBRN Def COE perspective to enhance cooperation with the FNC CBRN Cluster. He emphasized the conditions of complementary approach for transformation, standardization, education and training to support political and strategic military guidance.

At the end of its visit, the DEU delegation had the unique opportunity to see and experience the JCBRN Defence COE Reachback Operations Room, to get a firsthand impression on how the scientists and CBRN experts provide immediate support to the Alliance and its Partners in the area of CBRN Defence.

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Author: CPT Zuzana KRÁLÍKOVÁ, (CZE A)
Photos: Mrs. Hana JURČOVÁ