Within the civil-military cooperation framework, the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRN Defence COE) and the BullsEye EU Project jointly organized a virtual First Responders Course between the 24th and 26th May 2021.

In addition to the JCBRN Defence COE Staff, the following collaborative institutions and organizations also contributed:

  • General Directorate of Fire and Rescue Services of the Czech Republic
  • Environics Finland
  • CBRN Security and Defence Observatory
  • Austrian CBRN Defence Centre
  • Medical Centre of the Hungarian Defence Forces
  • Dutch Civil and Military Interaction Command

The course was based on the International CBRN Training Curriculum for First Responders, and the main aim was to enhance CBRN incident response by increasing interoperability of first responders.

Seventeen participants from six countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Spain) participated in theoretical lectures, syndicate work and virtual training exercises which culminated with students responding to a chemical factory incident scenario applying the theory learned.

According to the course evaluation responses, the participants assessed the course was very useful, and beneficial for their current jobs and career development.

For additional information on courses organized by the JCBRN Defence COE, please visit our COE’s Training Portal (https://www.jcbrncoe.org/index.php/courses-link-page).

First Responders Course
First Responders Course

Author: MAJ František PAVLÁSEK, CZE-A