The CBRN Joint Assessment Team (JAT) for NRF-13, led by JAT Commander COL Fred HILPERT (JCBRN Defence COE), met 11 – 16 May 2009 in Vyškov in order to provide the final preparation for full readiness for the NRF-13 mission.

                The JCBRN Defence COE is providing permanent staff for the CBRN JAT NRF-13, as approved in the Program of Work for 2009; all specialists chosen from our institution were complemented with the Hungarian Meteorologist Warning and Reporting Cell.  Furthermore, LTC Manfred GLÖKNER from the German Military Medical Institute also took part to negotiate all measures necessary to ensure CBRN Reach–back, thus supporting deployed units with expertise from homeland countries.

                All particular tasks planned for this workshop were successfully accomplished, therefore the entire team is ready to pass the certification exercise “STEADFAST JUNCTURE”, which is being organized by JC Lisbon in the next two weeks.

 Author: LTC Martin Peša