Doctrine and Terminology Panel (DTP) chaired by LTC Manfred HAGEN (JCBRN Defence COE) met from 17th to 21st May 2010 in Umeå, Sweden.Twenty one delegates from twelve NATO countries, the JCBRN Defence COE and Sweden as Partnership for Peace country attended the meeting.

         The main goal of the meeting was to advance the progress achieved in the development of several essential CBRN doctrinal publications. The publication ATP-3.8.1, Vol. I (CBRN Defence on Operations) was promulgated on the 14th of January 2010 and the custodianship was transferred from DEU to the JCBRN Defence COE. The doctrine AJP-3.8 (Allied Joint Doctrine for CBRN Defence) reached the status of Study Draft 3 and moved significantly towards ratification. New Table of Content for the ATP-3.8.1 Vol. II (Specialist NBC (CBRN) Defence Capabilities) was reviewed and approved along with the Aim and Scope of the new version of the publication. ATP-3.8.1 Vol. III (CBRN Defence Standards for Education, Training and Evaluation) is undergoing the ratification process. All terms and definitions of AAP-21(C) and AAP-21(D) (NATO Glossary Of CBRN) were commented by the NATO Office of Terminology Coordination (ONTC). DTP terminology syndicate started to review them and when completed it will be submitted back to the ONTC for promulgation.

       The 14th DTP meeting held in Umeå was characterized by a proactive approach from all participants. Similarly plenary sessions were positively coloured and concentrated on advancing the work in all areas of concern.

       The next DTP meeting will be organized in Panama City, USA in October 2010.

Author: LTC Marek Podpora