From July 19th to July 20th, 2010 the deputy commander of the German Joint Support Command (DCOM JSC) GM Erich Staudacher visited the JCBRN Defence COE with special interest to the German authority.   

        The director of the JCBRN Defence COE COL Zdeněk ČÍŽEK welcomed the DCOM JSC in the beginning of the office call and pointed out the importance and the value of the visit at the JCBRN Defence COE.The aim of the visit was to get an overview about the current situation and to analyse potential starting points for the support.The German Senior Representative COL Schunk briefed GM Staudacher to follow topics in detail:      

  •  Ongoing development of the COE
  •  Situation of the German authority within the JCBRN COE
  •  Collaboration with the JSC and other German authorities

         Furthermore, Mr. Pail (CZE) from modelling and simulation cell briefed the DCOM JSC about the situation in the development of the modelling and simulation cell, whose capabilities and the way ahead.  Author: WO Heiko Goehrke