As the Alliance is in the period of transformation process there is a need to specify ways and rules of the transformational changes implementation. In parallel it is required to continue in the support of the regular ongoing missions in CBRN area. Therefore LTC Martin Peša attended Challenge Subgroup (CSG) meeting, which was scheduled for 5 - 7th July to Kjeller, Norway. Representatives from Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, JCBRN Defence COE, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States met at Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment).

        Participants of the meeting, which was chaired by Dr. Bjørn-Arne Johnsen (NOR, FFI), were discussing issues regarding the determination of chemical and biological challenge levels, and the likely hazard and vulnerability levels resulting from the release of chemical and biological agents, as well as toxic industrial materials (TIM).

       Furthermore LTC Martin Peša performed role of NATO transformation support, what is one of the main JCBRN Defence COE responsibilities, when participated at ad hoc meeting held to Brussels follow-on week. Experts from several NATO countries and institutions assembled on the soil of NSA (NATO Standardization Agency) to discuss and propose new philosophy of CBRN capabilities development. Meeting attendees under chairmanship of COL Joseph Marquart (USA) had been drafting especially TOR (Terms of Reference) of the new level 2 working group and furthermore negotiated areas for potential cooperation on innovated capabilities projects. This really fruitful meeting can influence ways to achieve NATO goals in CBRN area and definitely will impact the most of tasks, which accomplishment JCBRN Defence COE is contributing to.

Author: LTC Martin Peša