Following the Reach Back & Fusion (RB&F) Experimentation 'Kick-Off' Event, hosted by JCBRN Defence COE in December 2011, and in accordance with the relevant JCBRN Defence Steering Committee decision, the COE organized and hosted the NATO ACT – JCBRN Defence COE RB&F Experimentation Coordination Meeting, from 3 to 6 March 2012 in Vyskov, Czech Republic.  The primary purpose of the meeting was to define the way ahead for the future ACT sponsored, JCBRN Defense COE supported RB&F experimentation.

ACT participated with representatives from the Operational Experimentation Directorate, while the JCBRN Defense COE participated with personnel from throughout the organization to include representatives from the Directorate, the Transformation Support Department (TSD), Training Exercise and Education Directorate (TEED) and the Support Department (SD).  The meeting was chaired by LTC Rainer Schulte, TSD Director.

The meeting provided a fantastic opportunity for all participants and resulted in a number of fruitful discussions as well as critical information exchanges between these two critical stakeholders. ACT and JCBRN Defence COE developed a strategy that focuses on the incorporation of the RB&F experimentation into the overall NATO Concept Development and Experimentation Process.  This should add additional credibility and resources to the process and provides the best opportunity for identification of the required Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities and Infrastructure (DOTMLPFI) to make the RB&F capability a reality within NATO.

The recommendations developed during this coordination meeting will be presented to the JCBRN Defense COE’s steering committee during their spring meeting 24-25 Apr 2012.


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