We are supporting CBRNe SUMMIT in Brno (26th – 28th March 2014, Brno, Czech Republic).

Intelligence-Sec’s CBRNe Summit 2014 will bring together senior officials from across Europe to discuss the latest CBRNe threats faced in the region. This event will allow attendees to hear in-depth presentations from senior government officials who will be discussing their detection techniques and how they counter CBRN threats in their respective country. By taking part in this international event it will allow you to gain further knowledge from European First Responders who will provide case study presentations on how they respond to a CBRNe attack.

The JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence is supporting this international event and has provided assistance in shaping the agenda to make sure attendees hear from the leading CBRNe experts in the region and the key topics within the CBRN Domain.

CBRNe is a topic that has been widely mentioned in the world’s media with the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the threat it has caused to civilians. This had led to an international response to combat chemical weapons from existing. Furthermore, it has led to many defence ministries across Europe wanting to create efficient defence barriers/detection against a CBRNe attack in their country.

Don’t miss out on hearing presentations from the following and many more:

  • Colonel Jiri Gajdos, Director, JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence
  • Colonel Jaroslav Bieleny, Director, Slovakian Army, NATO EOD Centre of Excellence
  • Colonel Rainer Schulte, Deputy Director, JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ladislava Navratilova, Scientist and Chemical Expert, Fire Rescue Service, Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic
  • Dr. Maurizio Barbeschi, Team Leader ADS/ARO Sector Global Capacity, Alert and Response, World Health Organisation (WHO), and Team Leader of UNSG Mission for the Investigation of Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria, United Nations
  • Chief Inspector Nigel Tottie, International Programme Manager, PN CBRN C, College of Policing, UK
  • Major Christophe Liberu, Hazmat and CBRN Brigade Officer, Paris Region Radiological Technical Advisor, Paris Fire Brigade
  • Lyudmila G. Simeonova, Head of CBRN Department, Fire Safety and Civil Protection Chief Directorate, Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria
  • Boban Cekovic, Head of Demilitarisation Inspections, OPCW
  • Dr. Michael Thornton, Head , Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC), European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)
  • Dr. Alexander Grabowski, Business Area Manager – Protection, Decontamination and Water Treatment, Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies – NBC Protection


To register or receive further information on the CBRNe Summit please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Intelligence-Sec at +44(0)1582 346 706


To view the full agenda please visit www.intelligence-sec.com/events/cbrne-summit-2014.



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