Date: 24 -27 July 2022
Security level: NATO Unclassified releasable to PfP, MD, ICI, PAG
Tuition Fee: All financial related requirements (traveling, accommodation, catering) will be covered by the course requesting authority.
Seats: min 14, max 30 participants
Deadline for enrolment: 30 June 2022


The aim of this course is to provide training for interagency response representatives in the organization of an effective response to potential chemical, biological and radiological incidents; to provide knowledge and understanding required for the implementation of the CBRN Consequence Management in support of FIFA Championship 2022 in Qatar, and to enhance interoperability among first responders and people dealing with response to CBRN events.

The course consists of theoretical lessons following by practical work in syndicates under specific scenario.


Learning Objective:

  1. Understand CBRN threats;
  2. Understand the methods employed to recognize a CBRN incident;
  3. Understand the operational implications between civil-military interaction;
  4. Understand the chemical consequence management principles and incident management;
  5. Understand the biological consequence management principles and incident management;
  6. Understand the radiological consequence management principles and incident management;
  7. Understand the principles of media communication in a frame of consequence management.

Expected Training Audience:

Civilian and military personnel who are involved in CBRN Emergency preparedness and/or in responding to emergencies involving release of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals (this includes: Civil Defence, Fire/Rescue Department, Police, Military CBRN Units, HAZMAT teams, medical responders, etc.).
It is expected that course participants will have good English language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing).