Date: 06 - 08 September 2022
Security level: Non-sensitive information releasable to the public
Tuition fee: 70 EUR (No tuition fee for JCBRN Defence COE Sponsoring nations and Contributing partner)
Seats: min 8, max 18 participants
Deadline for enrolment: 29 July 2022
ETOC Code: WMD-MD-25631


The aim is to train CBRN Centre staff personnel who need to understand organization management, use, and create input to NATO CBRN Warning & Reporting (W&R) system.

Learning Objective:

  1. Describe CBRN W&R organization, responsibilities, principles, and procedures;
  2. Understand the necessary setup parameters in CBRN-Analysis in order to apply the actual CBRN organization and responsibilities, principles and procedures for use in an automated CBRN Centre;
  3. Practise CBRN Centre Warning and Reporting organization, work, operations, and procedures.

Expected Training Audience:

The target audience will comprise CBRN staff personnel who deal with CBRN Warning and Reporting, and CBRN Centres staff as well.