Date: 27 Mar – 31 Mar 2023
Status: NATO Approved
Security level: NATO Unclassified
Course Fee: 2500 CZK (approx. 100 EUR)*
Seats: min 10, max 18 participants
Deadline for enrollment: 05 Mar 2023
Deadline for unenrollment: 19 Mar 2023
Venue: JCBRN Defence COE, Vyškov, Czech Republic


The aim of this course is to establish a common standard for those responsible for the evaluation of CBRN operations in NATO and Multi-national exercises and training events. Successful completion of this course will further enable the course participants to perform the responsibilities needed to perform their duties as NATO CBRN evaluators.

Learning Objective:
The course covers the implementation of the Evaluation Checklists for the Evaluation and Certification Process of the CBRN defence area and documents related to the evaluation of CBRN defence. Additionally, the course provides participants with the knowledge and understanding, required to implement Bi-SC agreed Capability Codes and Capability Statements.

Expected Training Audience:
NATO/PfP NCOs/officers OR-6 through OF-5. Officers and NCOs assigned to or selected for assignment to Headquarters elements; or forces assigned or earmarked for assignment to NATO/PfP, a Nation’s Ministry of Defence, or subordinate national military headquarters; or units of any NATO/PfP country which fulfils responsibilities in support of NATO/PfP assigned or earmarked forces. A nominee for this course should be a CBRN-trained officer or NCO whose duties require knowledge of AFS volume I, II, and VII and ATP 3.8.1. Sound knowledge of the NATO CREVAL matters and CBRN defence area is recommended.

*no fee for the JCBRN Defence COE Sponsoring Nations and Contribution Partner