Date: 27 Nov – 01 Dec 2023
Status: NATO Approved
Security level: NATO Unclassified releasable to PfP, MD, ICI, PatG*
Course Fee: Free
Seats: limited up to 15 participants
Deadline for enrollment: 05 Nov 2023
Deadline for unenrollment: 19 Nov 2023
Venue: To be announced, Civitavecchia, Italy


The aim of this course is to introduce and describe CBRN Consequence Management (CM), the NATO Crisis Management concept, organization, systems, and procedures, including Cooperation and Partnership initiatives in CBRN Crisis / Consequence Management, to NATO and Partner Nation officers and their civilian equivalents.

Learning Objective:
The course provides Lessons Learned from recent NATO commitments and exercises, identifies the importance of Rules of Engagement, CM Processes, and Public Information during the planning and implementation of Crisis Response Operations. Also, the course explains Consequence Management after CBRN incident in relation to media and communications.

Expected Training Audience:
The course was developed for key elements of the CM structure including police officers, firefighters, medical service professionals, military, civil defence, emergency management authorities, public information, and specialist teams such as counterterrorism units and investigatory agency members.

*PfP – Partnership for Peace; MD – Mediterranean Dialogue; ICI – Istanbul Cooperation Initiative; PatG – Partners across the Globe