How to enrol into a course

1. Enrolment procedure

1.1 Go though the JCBRN Def COE course list carefully and choose the course that comply you requests best. As well, you have to fulfil and match all preconditions stated in course description.












1.2 Download Registration Form for respective year and fill it out. Do not forget to choose the right course in section 2. Registration forms can be found on home page.

1.3 Once the Registration Form is fulfilled, follow instructions written in it and submit it to JCBRN Def COE via e-mail or by Fax +420 973 452 840.

1.4 After delivery your Registration form to JCBRN def COE the course management will set up your Training Portal account and enrol you to the chosen course. Then you will be sent a message containing your login and password.

Change your password on your first login!


Since then, you have access to all course material and information regarding your stay in Vyškov. You can contribute to "Course forum” and take part in other course activities.


2. Guest access

2.1 In some courses a guest access may be allowed by the JCBRN Defence COE. In this case, you can see all the course activities; however, you are not allowed to edit any items. There is a distinction made between an access with and without a password.

pic: guest enrolment

2.2 After selecting the desired course, a Log in-screen will be shown. Just confirm here by clicking the 'Log in as a guest'-Button (1).

2.2.1 If the course layout foresees an access with a password, enter the given password and confirm your entry with the 'Submit'-Button (2). In this case you'll have access to some material, but no personal user account will be established. 

Once you have confirmed the Training Portal changes to the desired course. At the top right of the window you will see the message: "You are currently using guest access (Log in)" 

3. JCBRN Defence COE-Training Portal:My home

After completing the registration process every course attendee will have his own user account. For the life-time of this account every time the user will be 'logged in' (1) in the left column of the portal the two links 'My home' (2) and 'My courses' (3) will be accessible as shortcuts/bookmarks to this respective areas.

pic:my Home


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