Welcome to the JCBRN Defence COE Education, Training and Evaluation Department

The Joint CBRN Defence Centre Of Excellence

is a multinational sponsored organization with the Czech Republic as the framework nation, which offers recognized expertise and experience to the benefit of the Alliance.

The mission of the JCBRN Def COE is to assist and support NATO and its military transformation, partner nations, other international institutions and organizations in the field with CBRN and to provide CBRN Defence related subject matter expertise and support in the area of doctrine and standards development, training and evaluation and lessons learned processes.

CBRN Defence Education, Training & Evaluation Department

The CBRN Defence Education, Training and Evaluation Department (ETED) is the educational pillar of the JCBRN Def COE that provides both basic and advanced multinational education and training in the field of CBRN Defence.

Besides that, the ETED

Ø Design, develop and deliver multinational CBRN Defence courses as required and coordinated with HQ SACT;

Ø Provide CBRN Defence related training on request to nations in support of for example High Visibility Events;

Ø Plan, co-ordinate and conduct CBRN Defence training, exercises and education related conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia and meetings to be performed among NATO countries;

Ø Support ACT, JWC and NATO major exercises with all CBRN related issues;

Ø Run the CBRN LL process and care about NATO CBRN LL database;

Ø Plan and conduct CAXs (W&R), Mission Rehearsals, Scenario and MEL/MIL development;

Ø Develop audio-visual programs, manuals, teaching and didactic materials;

Ø Develop and manage advanced distributed learning (ADL) in the field of CBRN Defence related multinational education and training;

Ø is supposed to assume the role of DH for WMD/CBRN Defence E&T.  

The JCBRN Def COE's courses are organized as short-term specialized courses for the benefit of NATO members and partner nations in support of ACT and ACO in conformity with requirements of ACT Directives 75-2, 75-3, and 75-5.

To provide the highest quality of education and training, the ETED cooperates not only with Czech and NATO military organizations but also with civilian institution and universities from around the world.

Our courses are available on e-PRIME websites and in Education and Training Opportunity Cataloque as well.

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