“Partnership: projecting stability through cooperation”. This was the motto of the Military Strategic Partnership Conference 2023, an event attended by two representatives from the JCBRN Defence COE.

This conference, which occurred from 13 – 17 March in Doha, Qatar, brought together over 35 members of the NATO Military Partnership community. Attendees discussed and reviewed current partnership programmes, considered the direction of future partnership endeavours, and became enlightened on the strategic directions of the Alliance. The NATO Defence Capacity Building project and other partner-related initiatives were introduced during the conference; buoyed by a range of panel discussions focusing on NATO advisory support and assistance to partners.

Keeping with tradition, an exhibition of the Education and Training Facilities, Partnership Training Centres and Centres of Excellence providing education and training for NATO partners was done in tandem with the conference. In support of the exhibition, representatives from the Education, Training and Evaluation Department prepared a display promoting the JCBRN Defence COE and its education & training opportunities.

It must be noted that Qatar, as the host nation, provided a comfortable and friendly environment which ensured successful discussions and fruitful meetings throughout the week.

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Author: LTC Veronika DOČKALOVÁ (CZE-A)
Photo: JCBRN Defence COE Archive