Read more: Civilian and Military Consequence Managers Trained Together in CBRN Consequence Management

From 21 through 25 November 2022, the JCBRN Defence COE conducted a CBRN Consequence Management Course, receiving participants from both the military and civilian communities from 20 European nations. Conducted through a joint initiative under the civil-military cooperation framework between Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) and JCBRN Defence COE, this course was designed to prepare and enable NATO, its Partner Nations and their civilian equivalents to assist each other in preparing for and responding to consequences caused by a CBRN incident.

Read more: Live Agent Training Course Conducted Again

The JCBRN Defence COE, in close cooperation with the Military Research Institute Brno, conducted a Live Agent Training Course at the Testing and Training Facility “Kamenná Chaloupka” from 10 - 14 October 2022.

During this 5-day training event, the course participants, whilst wearing individual protective equipment (IPE), improved their confidence in working in a CBRN environment containing chemical warfare agents (CWAs).

Read more: Second iteration of the CBRN Warning and Reporting Centre Management Course

Between the 6th and 8th of September 2022, the JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (COE) conducted the second iteration of the CBRN Warning and Reporting (W&R) Centre Management Course, a NATO approved residential course. This course focused on CBRN staff personnel who need to understand, use, and create input to NATO CBRN W&R system. The course was conducted in close cooperation with representatives from Bruhn NewTech. Based on student feedback from the previous year’s course, new briefings were added on the management, use, and experience of W&R organization not only at NATO HQ level but also at the National HQ level.

Read more: Mobile Training Solution in Korneuburg, Austria

The JCBRN Defence COE in close cooperation with the US Department of Energy (DOE) / National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) conducted the International Radiological/Nuclear Training for Emergency Response (I-RAD) basic course for the Austrian Armed Forces CBRN Defence Centre over the period 11 – 15 July in Korneuburg, Austria.