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According to the JCBRN Defence COE Steering Committee previous meeting’s decision, the JCBRN Defence COE was tasked to conduct a 2 year experiment which aims to identity the requirements for implementing a NATO CBRN Reach Back and Fusion (RB&F) Element. Following this decision, JCBRN Defence COE hosted the RB&F Experimentation 'Kick-Off' Event from 6 December 2011 to 8 December 2011in Vyškov, Czech Republic.


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        The 3rd Tiger Team (TT) meeting of the WT1/CBRN NTG TRG WG was held in Antalya, Turkey in the period of 14th – 16th November 2011. Based on the decision made during the annual CBRN NTG WG conference held in May in Bratislava (SVK), the JCBRN Defence COE assumed the chairmanship of the WT1/TT.  The JCBRN Defence COE named LTC Vratislav OSVALD the Chairman along with WO1 Ivan HLADIK and WO1 Tomáš ANDR as Secretaries of this important effort.  LTC Osvald facilitated the Tiger Team’s very productive sessions and believes the work is nearly ready for submission to the nations. 


      As part of its continuing support to NATO’s HQ Allied Command Transformation, the JCBRN Defence COE hosted a Intelligence Analyst CBRN Course - Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Workshop from 24 – 26 October 2011 during which a TNA was conducted for a proposed NATO course aimed at raising CBRN awareness for trained Intelligence Analysts.

      The workshop was attended by 11 external delegates with 8 nationalities represented across 9 different headquarters. LTC Johan Van Houten from ACT’s JFT/JETE (training) organization led the way on developing an outline syllabus for a course which will be run in the future by the NATO School at Oberammagau. Further development of the course is now with the NATO School with COE continuing to offer full support. The pilot course will run in 2012.


Author: LTC David Cooper


      17th Doctrine and Terminology Panel (DTP) meeting took place in Brno, Czech Republic from 17th to 20th October 2011 and it was hosted by JCBRN Defence COE.

      28 delegates from 11 NATO nations (BEL, CAN, CZE, DEU, DNK, ESP, FRA, HUN, ITA, NLD and USA), ACT, ONTC, JAPCC and the JCBRN Defence COE attended the meeting with the aim to progress the development of essential CBRN doctrinal publications.

      17th DTP meeting held in Brno, Czech Republic was a very successful meeting with an outstanding preparation of work by the Custodians and proactive approach of all participants, which resulted in the fruitful outcome achieved by the syndicates. Respectively plenary sessions were also productive and decisions were taken for all tasks received from the Merged JCG CBRN and CBRN WG (Merged Group).      

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      As part of the JCBRN Defense COE’s continuing efforts to enhance CBRN doctrine and training throughout NATO, we hosted the NATO Standardization Agency’s (NSA) CBRN Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Warning and Reporting Panel (WRP) in Vyškov, Czech Republic on 11 – 14 October 2011.

      All NATO and Partnership for Peace (PfP) member states were invited to participate in this very important meeting.

      During the course of the panel, member nations discussed a variety of topics affecting CBRN Warning and Reporting.