It is my great pleasure to inform all COE members and wide CBRN society that former COE member MAJ Lubomír CHYLÍK has been awarded the 2016 Scientific Achievement Award of the NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO), the largest NATO organization for defence science and technology.

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Congratulations Lubomír and thank you for your effort. COE family is proud of you.

COL Jiří GAJDOŠ, COE Director

On 21 September 2016, the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence was honoured by the visit of a delegation of Austrian Armed Forces. The high level delegation, consisting of General Othmar Commenda, Chief of Defence Staff of Austrian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Anton Wessely, Head of Training Division in the Austrian GS, Brigadier General Daniel Pregl, Austrian Defence Attache to the Czech Republic, and Colonel Robert Glanner, ADC to Chief of Defence Staff, met with leadership personnel of the Centre. The delegation was accompanied by the Czech Brigadier General Jiří Verner and Lieutenant Colonel Radovan Bočev.

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The Director of the Centre, Colonel Jiří Gajdoš, together with his Deputy, Colonel Volker R. Quante, gave a comprehensive overview of the Centre`s mission, tasks and activities. One of the main discussion points was, how the successful accession of Austria as Contributing Partner of the Centre in August 2016 can be used to foster and enhance future co-operation.

On 20 September 2016, Air Commodore Ralph Reefman (ACOS Defence Planning, HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation) accompanied by his Military Assistant LtCol Sigmund van Iwaarden, visited the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence. The purpose of the visit was to explore the possibility of fostering a closer working relationship between the ACOS Defence Planning and our Centre.

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The delegation was welcomed by the Centre’s Director, Colonel Jiří Gajdoš, and his Deputy Director, Colonel Volker R. Quante.

Colonel Gajdoš presented the Centre’s mission, which is to support the NATO as the Centre‘s primary customer through SACT HQ and to enhance its CBRN capabilities as well as to assist other international organizations and institutions in their CBRN Defence related efforts.

Another iteration of the OPS-NC-4002 CBRN Unit Evaluators’ Course was organized from 5 to 9 September 2016.

The aim of the course was to prepare officers and NCOs to achieve common standards in CBRN certification for evaluation of CBRN Defence units assigned to NATO Response Force Combined Joint Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Task Force (NRF CJ CBRND TF). Although the CJ CBRND TF consists of CBRN Battalion (CBRN Bn) and CBRN Joint Assessment Team (CBRN JAT) the focus of the course were CBRN units (Recon, Decon, Bio, Lab). In addition, the aim of the course was to learn how to evaluate the CBRN units.

Eight course participants (from BIH, CZE, HUN, ITA, SRB, SVN) shared their experience during the three syndicate works. They dealt with Allied Command Operations Forces Standards (AFS) vol. VII and other CBRN related documents for evaluation, specialties of evaluating various types of CBRN units etc. AFS Vol. VII is about how to conduct evaluation of Land Units (Combat Readiness Evaluation – CREVAL).

Issued: 2 SEP 2016 Author and Photos: LTC Aleš MYLAN

The CoE Enhancement Project has started in June 2016. The most inportant part was done - drainage system and surface settlement. Fortunatelly, everything goes according to the construction work schedule.



You can see photos showing real progress. See you soon. 


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Read more: The CoE Enhancement Project Progress Read more: The CoE Enhancement Project Progress