Last week an agreement was signed with all Sponsoring Nations at the NATO Allied Command Transformation (Norfolk, USA). Austria is the first PfP (Partnership for Peace) nation to join the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence.

Recognizing their contributions in the field of CBRN Defense and grateful for their generous offer to support the JCBRN Defence COE mission, the Federal Minister of Defence and Sports of the Republic of Austria is accepted as a Contributing Partner (CP) with all associated rights a privileges. In their first contributing act, the Republic of Austria will assign an officer from the Austrian Armed Forces to serve in the Transformation Support Department (hereinafter referred to as the “AUT SO”).

“AUT CBRN Defence offer unique capabilities and broad experience in civil military cooperation. I am delighted that AUT is a member of our CBRN Defence club. Their contributions will undoubtedly strengthen our capabilities and sharpen our skills.” -Colonel Jiří Gajdoš, Director, JCBRN COE.