The JCBRN Defence COE is a NATO Military Body and multi-nationally sponsored organization which offers recognized CBRN expertise and experience to the benefit of the Alliance and other partners. It is not part of the NATO Command Structure (NCS) or of other NATO entities, but forms part of the wider framework that contributes to the functioning of the Alliance. It focuses its support within the four pillars of NATO’s COE programme:

  • Education, Training, Exercise and Evaluation;
  • Analysis and Lessons Learned;
  • Doctrine Development and Standardization;
  • Concept Development and Experimentation; and
  • Optionally, in direct support of operations as reciprocally agreed with SACEUR and coordinated with SACT.

JCBRN Defence COE Mission and Tasks

  • Provide advice in all CBRN defence related areas;
  • Develop CBRN defence doctrines, standards and knowledge to support the improvement of interoperability and capabilities;
  • Provide opportunities to enhance education and training;
  • Contribute to the relevant lessons learned processes; and
  • Within an approved Programme of Work, assist NATO, Sponsoring Nations and Partners in CBRN defence related efforts including validation through experimentation and support of operations.

JCBRN Defence COE Director’s Intent

  • Centre of gravity for CBRN defence-related expertise, experience and transformation within the Alliance without duplicating or competing with already existing NATO capabilities.
  • Strive to be / for:
    • NATO strategic CBRN defence "think-tank";
    • Driver of CBRN defence-related analysis, insight and innovation;
    • Focal point for CBRN defence-related outreach and cooperation;
    • Continual improvement.