The JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence participated at the 8th MPC WS in Skopje, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia*. The motto of this year’s workshop was “Partnership: projecting stability through cooperation”, reflecting NATO’s transformation under the impression of new security challenges. The JCBRN Defence COE was represented by Major Veronika GOLKOVÁ and Warrant Officer Pavel SKOPAL.


This year’s MPC WS was opened by the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Sir James EVERARD, Deputy Chief of Staff Military Partnership, Major General Odd Egil PEDERSEN and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia*, Radmila SHEKERINSKA-JANKOVSKA. As usually, the MPC WS brought together all levels of NATO headquarters, from Single Service Commands through IS, IMS, ACT, SHAPE and JFCs, with representatives from Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) and other Partners accross the globe for almost 5 days of intense briefings, syndicates and bi-lateral meetings. The Workshop offered a unique venue which allowed the NATO’s Centres of Excellence to present themselves in a special exhibition focused on Education and Training (E&T) opportunities.


At the beginning of the exhibition Major GOLKOVÁ introduced the JCBRN Defence COE and briefed about the E&T activities with focus on courses. Warrant Officer SKOPAL promoted the JCBRN Defence COE and TEED courses in the exhibition part. The CBRN courses were of great interest to many Partner Countries because the CBRN area is an important military objective in the Roadmaps of the Partner Countries. The Partner Countries were interested especially by these courses: e.g. Live Agent Training, Consequence Management after a CBRN Incident Course, Introduction to the CBRN Training Curriculum Course and also the International Radiological Consequence Management Course.


The JCBRN Defence COE participated at this MPC WS for the first time; however, the cooperation between the COE and the Partner Countries is already a good one. In 2017 the JCBRN Defence COE conducted 7 courses with the participation of 102 students from 29 countries. For more information on the JCBRN Defence COE courses, please go to


Text and photos: MAJ Veronika GOLKOVÁ, (CZE A)

*Turkey recognizes Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.