c_270_180_16777215_0_0_images_PICTURES_2019_0208_Workshop_Pict1.jpgThe NATO CBRN Community of Interest and Education Training Facilities participated in the Training Requirements Analysis Workshop (TRA WS). The JCBRN Defence COE, the Department Head (DH) for the NATO WMD/CBRND Education and Training Discipline, was honoured to host this special event over the period 28 to 31 January 2019. In total 23 participants from across NATO HQs (ACT, SHAPE, JCBRN Defence COE, NATO HQ - IMS, JFCBS, LANDCOM, NRDC-T Turkey), Education Training Facilities (JCBRN Defence COE, NATO School Oberammergau, NMIOTC) and other stakeholders (Joint Warfare Centre, US liaison to GBR Defence CBRN Centre, CZE 31st CBRN Regiment, AUT CBRN Defence Centre, POL MoD CBRN) enthusiastically attended the workshop. The WMD/CBRND E&T Discipline is one of the oldest with the initial TRA conducted in 2013. During this TRA session the NATO CBRN Defence Education & Training (E&T) Requirements were revised and updated, a requirement identified during both the Annual Discipline Conference in 2017 and the NATO adaptation process.

The participants under the lead of LtCol Giuliano Venditti (Joint Force Development - HQ SACT) with LtCol Simone Mancinelli (Requirements Authority – SHAPE J5) and COL David Martinek (Department Head - JCBRN Defence COE), in a friendly and constructive atmosphere, finalised the revision of Training Audience Functional Areas and Performance Statements for Political/Military, Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels. The outcome of the workshop is the Training Requirements Analysis Report.

The TRA WS was the first step in a demanding process. When the TRA report is approved by ACT/JFD, the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) will commence. During this phase, the training solutions will be matched with the training requirements. The DH’s role is to make sure that the NATO Education and Training Requirements to the right Education and Training Opportunities and in the case of gap (non-existing solution) being identified, the DH will develop performance objectives for the uncovered performance statements request CBRN Education and Training support. Based on Performance Statements and Objectives, a new course with a new curriculum will then be developed. All of this is part of the Global Programming which aims to keep NATO E&T effective, efficient and affordable - provided to the right people in the right place at the right time.

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Author: MAJ Veronika Dočkalová, (CZE A)