c_270_180_16777215_0_0_images_PICTURES_2019_0719_AbuDhabi_Pict.jpgJoint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRND COE) supported the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” conducting a CBRN Workshop at the ABU DHABI Police General Headquarters (GHQ) on 27th and 28th June 2018.  On that occasion LtCol Allert, Chief of the COE’s Doctrine & Terminology Section, briefed on “Lessons Learned from the impacts of CBRN substances”.  Hence, first contacts between the JCBRND COE and the ABU DHABI Police GHQ have been established.  On 19th July 2019 the GHQ counter-visited the COE in Vyškov led by LtCol Mohamed Ebrahim AlAli, Director of CBRN Administration, Emergency and Public Safety, AD Police GHQ.  Professor Amer Abbas Hosin, Senior Executive and Scientific Advisor to the ABU DHABI Police Emergency and Public Safety Directorate, Major Mohamed Salem Alameri, and First Lieutenant Salem Subaih Alkaabi, completed the team.

Colonel (ret.) Milan Novotný, Acting Director of the COE, welcomed the Emiratis and provided the traditional command briefing informing on NATO’s COEs in general, and particularly on JCBRND COE’s mission, tasks, and structure.  Briefings on the Transformation Support Department (TSD), the Training, Exercise and Education Department (TEED), as well as on the Operation Support Department (OSD) followed.  Whilst TSD focussed on doctrinal development, OSD put its main efforts on CBRN reachback, and Modelling & Simulation.
LtCol AlAli introduced the CBRN defence system of ABU DHABI and their CBRN defence capabilities.  He focussed on CBRN forensics and the decontamination of mass casualties.  In addition, he appreciated the COE’s presentations providing an overview on our capabilities.  Abu Dhabi’s GHQ is very much interested in all CBRN defence training related issues.
The visit was concluded by a discussion on how the JCBEND COE and the ABU DHABI GHQ could establish cooperation.  The GHQ suggested to establish a strong partnership between the GHQ and COE in order to build confidence and support capability building.
Professor Hosin concluded the visit by inviting the Centre for the Conference “Meeting the Challenges of Emergency to Enhance Community Safety, Security and Tolerance” taking place in Abu Dhabi from 14th – 16th October 2019.
Author:  LtCol Bernd ALLERT (DEU-A), Cpt Zuzana KRÁLIKOVÁ (CZE-A)