LL Conference Participants

            The JCBRN Defence COE hosted a conference to discuss "Support to NRF and Lessons Learned"  from 15-16 October 2009.  The conference aimed to share experiences from the JCBRN Def COE's contribution to the NRF in the form of providing the core of the CBRN Joint Assessment Team and use the Lessons Identified from this to assist other COEs with their support to NATO Deployable Operations. 

            The second principal aim was to share and gain consensus on a concept for COEs to support the NATO Lessons Learned Process.  Also discussed was an Information and Knowledge Management system to support the sharing of COEs Lessons more effectively.  As the only COE to have supported to the NRF by acting as the lead organisation for a formed deployable unit, the JCBRN Def COE is uniquely placed to provide advice on how NATO can best use the capability that COEs can offer. 


           Attending the conference were representative from ACT: TNCC, Lessons Learned and the Deployable Forces Integrated Project Team and seven other COEs: CIMIC, EOD, CSW, CWO, MILENG, MILMED and NMW. 


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Author: LTC Richard Ovey, Photo: Maj Karel Vydra