In accordance with the Non-Binding Guidelines and Minimum Standards for First responders to CBRN Incidents working Group schedule and the „the Updated Civil Emergency Planning (CEP) Action Plan for the Improvement of Civil Preparedness against Possible Attacks with CBRN Agents. Document EAPC (C) D 2008 0009 implementation, the second Workshop for Directors and Experts of Training Centers was held in Prague (Czech Republic) on 11 - 12 January 2011.

        The main goals of the workshop were:

  • To update an implementation of the Regional Training Programme Concept developed by the Civil Protection Group.
  • To evaluate the First Responders Trainers Course (FRTC) prepared and executed by JCBRN Defence COE in Vyškov in November 2010
  • To discuss and specify the FRTC Lessons Learned (LL)

  • To introduce the Training Centre for Train the Trainers course of the International CBRN Curriculum. From Bulgaria (going to execute the FRTC in October 2011) and from Lithuania (offered to prepare and execute the FRTC in 2012)

         The workshop was opened and conducted by the chairman of NBG Working Group Mr. Ragnar Boe.

    The FRTC (Vyškov, November 2010) evaluation and LL were presented LTC Rudolf Konár. This presentation was followed by workshop auditorium fruitful and meaningful discussion.

           The most important conclusions from the discussion are following:

    • The Bi-SC DIR 75-7 format will be used for all Training Centers to achieve the comparable results.
    • The following FRTC will be still established based on the CBRN International curriculum, but more focused on Command and control requirements, bilateral or multilateral assistance and civil-military cooperation. Also was declared that JCBRN Defece COE Modeling and simulation capability use is welcomed.

          Generally the course has no ambition to prepare and produce fully skilled trainers, but serve as international refreshment about all CBRN areas and as forum for exchange international cooperation and dissemination basic knowledge about International and Civil-Military cooperation.

          Another important result of the workshop was several nations offer for enlargement of our FRTC board of lecturers and advisors. Mainly the cooperation with Civil protection Training, Academyfor Crisis Mangement, Emergency and Civil Protection (AKNZ) Training Centre (DEU) could be mutually beneficial.

          On another hand JCBRN Defence COE was expected to be actively involved in FRTC executed by other CEP Regional Training Centres.

    The following in these area important events are:

    • The spring NBG WG meeting is going to be executed on 27 and 28 April 2011 in Brussels
    • The regular summer NBG WG meeting will run together with CBRN First Responders Course in Vyškov (20th - 21st Jun 2011)
    • The second run of CBRN First responders course will be IAW JCBRN Defence COE POW 2011 (20th - 24th Jun 2011)
    • The next Workshop for Directors and Experts of Training Centres will be on 21 - 23 November 2011 in  Prague
    Author: LTC Rudolf Konár