The Director of the M&S COE (located in Rome, ITA) and his expert-team visited the JCBRN Defence COE 16-18 Apr 2012. The meeting provided a good opportunity to establish a platform for future cooperation with regard to M&S areas of work. The preparation of CBRN scenarios relevant to NATO operations and development of standards for the CBRN aspects of NATO Models were the main topics of discussion between Colonel Mastrorosa, Director M&S COE and Colonel Cizek, Director of the JCBRN Defence COE. Subject Matter Experts from the M&S COE and the M&S Cell of the JCBRN Defence COE discussed detailed coordination in areas of conversion terrain data, creation of 3D models, M&S software federation requirements and mutual support in preparation and execution of computer assisted exercises (CAX).

Both institutions decided to strengthen their official cooperation and especially to lay a foundation for the future collaboration of their M&S Subject Matter Experts, taking full advantage of both institutions M&S capabilities for NATO’s transformation and training needs.

Author: LTC Petr Neuer

Photo:  Mrs. Hana Jurcova