In a framework of the implementation of the Non-Binding Guidelines and in cooperation with NATO CEP staff “The First Responders Trainers Course” (FRTC) 2012 was held at JCBRN Defence COE from 4 to 8 JUN 2012.

    The aim of the course was to familiarise participants with the International CBRN training curriculum and enable them to train existing and future first responders. The course was aimed at trainers/instructors who conduct training for response to CBRN events at national and international level.

    14 students from 8 different countries (5 students from Non-NATO countries) participated on the Course. External lectors from various countries and institutions (Civil Emergency Planning – NOR, NBC Defence School - AUT, Academy for Crisis Management – GER, Fire Defence Directorate - CZE, University of Defence Brno – CZE, Technical University of Ostrava – CZE, General staff – CZE, JCBRN Defence COE – GBR, SLO) were invited to provide lessons promoting quality and ensuring internationality of the Course.

    The course was opened by welcoming speech of JCBRN Defence COE Deputy DIR, COL János Zelenák and by the presentation of Mr. Ragnar Boe as a NATO Civil Emergency Planning representative. Mr. Ragnar Boe in his presentation explained the role of NATO CEP and reasons to establish regional training centres for first responders.

    Students highly appreciated hospitality during course and were very satisfied with level of information provided. The course was a great opportunity for students to learn international procedures as well as national procedures related to the first responders all over the world. In addition, students were given space to present their national approaches towards first responders’ training and share and exchange their own knowledge and experience in this branch.

     The Course was closed by certificate ceremony organized under supervision of TSD DIR COL Rainer SCHULTE.

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Author: MAJ Radek Tomas

Photos: Mrs. Hana Jurcova