Since the last NATO Training and Evaluation Policy promulgation, the Alliance underwent one of the most significant transformations in its history.  In the light of the new Policy, NATO asked Allied Nations to offer forces (HQs and Units) in order to meet the combat readiness requirements and standards established by SACEUR through the ACO Forces Standards (AFS).

         Besides the revised AFS volume VII and SHAPE FOR/Operational Preparation Directorate (OPD) requirements, the nations apply their own national standards for evaluation and certification of the Combined Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Task Force (CJCBRNDTF). Therefore, the NATO Training Group Joint Services Sub Group / Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (NTG/JSSG/CBRN) Training Group Task Group (TRG TG ) suggested establishment of a course for national CBRN Evaluators at the JCBRN Defense COE designed to train CBRN Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in common standards for NATO Response Force (NRF) CBRN unit evaluations. The JCBRN Defense COE conducted the initial (pilot) course in April 2011.

        The course offered an extension of the CREVAL Course with an aim to provide CBRN SMEs with additional information related to the evaluation of designated CBRN Units. The NATO Capability Codes & Statements and SHAPE specific requirements served as the foundation for the course. The JCBRN Defense COE conducted the five-day course utilizing specifically planned briefings, discussions and syndicate work. This course represents a unique training opportunity within NATO and addresses an identified shortfall in the number of properly trained CBRN SMEs.

        The CBRN Defence Unit Evaluators course took place in Vyškov, Czech Republic, from 17 – 21 September 2012. The JCBRN Defense COE invited NATO/PfP nations to participate in the course. The course consisted of 13 students from nine NATO countries and Sweden (PfP). Prior to the onset of the course, the participants completed the NATO CREVAL Course or demonstrated a sound knowledge of AFS volume VII (CREVAL).

 Objectives of the course

- familiarize the participants with AJP-3.8.1 volume 2 and 3;

- provide the participants with the knowledge and understanding required to implement Bi-SC Agreed Capability Codes and Capability Statements;

- ultimately – enhance interoperability among CBRN Units evaluators.

 Expected Outcomes

- participants are familiar with CBRN Units Capability statements and evaluation procedures IAW AFS Volume VII and FOR/OPD specific requirements;

- participants are prepared to conduct the evaluation over a broad spectrum of CBRN Units.


       The CBRN Units Evaluators Course was organized by TEED.  Lectures covered CBRN decontamination units, CBRN reconnaissance units, CBRND laboratories, CBRN BIO units, Live Agent Training (LAT) and Warning & Reporting (W&R).  The JCBRN Defense COE recognizes the outstanding support received from a variety of guest speakers which provided lecturers with knowledge of the highest levels of NATO.  Numerous participants higjlighted this high level involvelement in their end of course survey.

     Due to increased interest in this this course, the next iteration will take place in September 2013. The JCBRN Defense COE plans to offer the course as part of NATO's Parnership Cooperation Menu (PCM) to insure even greater participation.

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Author: CPT Matjaž Košelnik (SVN)

Photo: Mr. Hana Jurčová