JCBRN Defence COE opened New Year 2014 with CBRN Analysis Super User course. One and half day long course is organized yearly based on the bilateral agreement between The Bruhn New Tech Company and JCBRN D COE.


Course is designed to introduce changes and improvements made in this Warning and Reporting software, which is current NATO standard for evaluation CBRN events/incidents based on the ATP-45 (E) and AEP-45 (C) documents.

This course will enable the students to perform as a local or national Super User Contact with sufficient knowledge to assist less experienced operators and to act as an advisor for establishing CBRN-Analysis communication and making exercises.

Eleven students from six countries (GBR, BEL, SVK, SVN, SWE, HUN) were trained on CBRN Analysis software in current version 14.0 by Mr. Erik Schmidt Nielsen, who is very experienced not only super user but also excellent instructor and lector. Mr. Nielsen has numerous experiences from courses, and exercises conducted in many destinations all over the world.

Only students previously qualified from a CBRN-Analysis Operator Course and having extended practice in use of CBRN-Analysis should attend this course.

How to become a CBRN Analysis Super User?

Students should have at least following NATO or national equivalent courses:

• Warning and Reporting System Manual procedures course (14 days long course in NATO School Oberammergau, Germany P3-71 )

• CBRN Analysis operators course (Available in NATO School, Oberammergau P3-74 ) Optionally

• CBRN Warning and Reporting Specialist course (JCBRN D COE, Vyškov)

Students must be able to speak and understand English at least to level 3. All courses listed in this article are NATO Unclassified.


For more courses Organized by JCBRN Defence COE, please follow this hyperlink.


Text + foto author: WO Pavel DAVID

Collective Photo author: Mrs. Hana Jurčová

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