We are invited to participate CBRN Symposium in Berlin (19th - 21st October 2015, Berlin, Germany).

The increased occurrence of natural CBRN hazardous substances, potential threats arising from in-dustrial infrastructures, and the use of CBRN weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction/warfare agents) and CBRN hazardous substances used by both governmental and non-governmental actors are the main categories of CBRN threats.

These CBRN categories demand the development of a modern CBRN defence as part of a country’s overall defence and security system. These threat categories have in part been created and intensi-fied through globalization and the (inter-) networking of all countries and societies. It coincides with a worldwide transfer of knowledge that knows no boundaries, also in areas of sensitive technologies. Threats that arise from proliferation also have decisive impact on the development of CBRN defence capabilities.

The adjustment of national and international CBRN Defence Capabilities to such conditions and threat categories must apply to every day hazard- and incidents situations, as well as to scenarios and situations of national importance, and within the deployment areas of the Armed Forces. Over-all, the handling of situations from chemical, biological and radiological and nuclear hazards, up to damage caused by nuclear weapons, requires extremely sophisticated, often multidisciplinary proce-dures – not only within crisis management and command organizations, but also within civilian and military operational organizations.


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