We are invited to participate Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) CBRNe Europe conference in Brussels (12th - 13th February 2015, Brussels, Belgium) and COL Jiri GAJDOS will be there as one of keynote speakers.

The two-day conference and exhibition will again welcome key decision makers and experts in the field of CBRN Defense from all over Central Europe and the Caucasus. Research programs from Horizon2020 to national transformation projects are continuing to strengthen European CBRN Defense and emergency preparedness of civil organizations, gathering huge amounts in order to invest in the most advanced technologies and approaches currently available. However, current conflicts along European borders and the challenge of international terrorism still raise the question, whether the continent is really sufficiently prepared for large scale CBRN incidents and respective treatment and response. Some people on the other side of the Atlantic would say no and demand more awareness concerning non-conventional threats, while several scientific reports admonish that European interoperability in this field is at least in need of improvement.

NCT CBRNe Europe 2015 will put these questions on the regional agenda, while giving an overview on several redeployments of resources and financial investments within the leading European CBRN Defense Commands. Join us and see how European first responders prepare for the worst and what leading European industry representatives and scientists have to offer.


To view details please visit cbrneeurope.com/event/.