NATO Advanced Research Workshop

International Partners΄ Outreach Event


8 – 9 June 2015 Vyškov


at the JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence



Provide Allies and  Partners with an opportunity to improve their understanding  of future requirements and capabilities needed for countering WMD and to analyse advanced technologies, methods and best practices;


Discuss specific options for common engagementin existing initiatives and structures, potential collaborative R&D (Research&Development) projects;


Consider possibilities to develop preventive/protective measures including information exchange/intelligence sharing, WMD disablement, CBRN forensics and other capabilities to cope with current and emerging threats and hazards;


Inform about biological threats as challenge of CBRN Defence/Protection.








Annex 1 - Administrative arrangements


Annex 2 - Tentative Agenda


Annex 3 - Registration form