The Combined Interoperability CBRN Defence in Air Operations Exercise »Toxic Trip 15« (TT15) was held in Italy, again in Villafranca di Verona Air Force Base from 19 to 25 September 2015.


 This time there were more than 350 participants from 14 countries (BEL, CAN, DEU, FRA, GBR, ITA, NLD, NZL, PRT, SVN, SWE, TUR, UAE, USA) and 3 NATO organizations (NATO JCBRN Defence COE, NATO School Oberammergau and NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre).

TT15 was another one in the long line of Toxic Trip exercises (organized since 1995) “with the aim to:
1. Train different aspects of CBRN defence related with air operations in a multinational scenario;
2. Train personnel in the deployment of mobile and transportable collective CBRN shelters and to use them in conjunction with other nations’ air assets;
3. Increase the level of interoperability among the NATO and partner nations in order to conduct the procedures of donning/doffing aircrew CBRN ensembles and provide technical support;
4. Contribute to the understanding for the need of common procedures;
5. Discuss and analyse the current status of CBRN defence as it relates to present/future requirements and to assess the training implications derived from emerging threats;
6. Identify lessons that have evolved from the exercise and draw conclusions that will support nations in improving their CBRN defence training methods and procedures.”

During the Cross Training Phase (20-22SEP) participants had a chance to see all capabilities and tactics, techniques and procedures of participating units. Again, it was a great benefit and highly appreciated part of the exercise.

The scenario during the Exercise Phase (23-24SEP) settled units to multinational joint environment and all incidents played during the exercise required harmonized team work of all participating units in conducting of CBRN reconnaissance, decontamination and sampling operations, giving first aid to injured personnel, dealing with contaminated injured personnel, CBRN Warning and Reporting, EOD tasks, performing pilot extraction, loading and unloading of contaminated payload, area cordon, check point etc.

JCBRN Defence COE participates every year with one member as Lessons Identified / Lessons Learned Team leader. The team of 14 participants from different nations, services and organizations (some of them came as exercise observers, some were members of national contingents) have generated more than 120 observations that will be used by participants during their training sessions in preparation for real missions. 

At last, it is worth mentioning the excellent host nation support provided by 3rd Wing of ITA Air Force. Additional information about Toxic Trip exercises could be found on Toxic Trip webpage at http://toxictrip.jcbrncoe.cz/. See you in Antalya, Turkey for Toxic Trip 16!

Author: CPT Gorazd STERGAR (SVN)
Photos: ITA Air Force