On 24 – 26 May 2016, the JCBRN Defence COE hosted the NATO Force Protection Working Group (FP WG) Meeting in Brno with the participation of NATO-member National representatives from Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark,  Germany, Great Britain, Italy,  Latvia, Norway, Poland, and Portugal, as well as representatives from the International Military Staff (IMS), Allied Command Operations (ACO), JFC Naples, JFC Brunssum, HQ MARCOM, HQ AIRCOM, HQ LANDCOM, MilEng COE, JCBRND COE, European Air Group (EAG), EOD COE, Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC), the NATO SCHOOL at OBERAMMERGAU. 
The aim of the meeting was to:
•    update the Common Operational Picture (COP) of the operational theatre in the FP context
•    develop new FP WG Terms of Reference
•    update the FP WG Task Matrix
•    develop FP Policies
•    discuss the development of a FP Advanced Course.

During the plenary session on the first day, the delegates updated the FP WG Task Matrix and revised the FP WG Terms of reference, in which the JCBRN Defence COE is considered a permanent member of FP WG. Beginning in 2017, the FP WG meeting is planned to be organized annually at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.  The working group will continue to supervise three panels: Doctrine, Organization and Interoperability (D/O/I), led by JAPCC; Training, Leadership and Personnel (T/L/P) led by JF Naples, and the Material and Facilities Panel (M/F) led by AIRCOM.

c_270_180_16777215_0_0_images_PICTURES_20160621_ForceProtection_DSC_4653.JPG c_270_180_16777215_0_0_images_PICTURES_20160621_ForceProtection_DSC_4686.JPG

The second day was primarily focused on FP WG Panel tasks. Representatives from the Doctrine, Organization and Interoperability Panel developed a draft Force Protection Policy, which must be finalized and handed over to the IMS. The Training, Leadership and Personnel Panel prepared inputs to the Force Protection Advanced Course, which will be organized for the first time 5 - 9 December 2016 at Joint Forces Command, Naples.  All outcomes from the Panels were presented during the third day of the meeting.

At the end Chairman Colonel Pablo Perreira invited all delegates to participate in the next FP WG meeting, which will be held in Lisbon (PRT) from 22 - 24 November 2016.  He also expressed his appreciation of the admirable organization and support provided by the JCBRN Defence COE.