On 11 – 14 July 2016 the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRN Def COE) had the honor to host an executive team from Joint Force Commands (JFCs) Brunssum and Naples for conducting the BOLD BLAST ’16 – the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Warning and Reporting (CBRN W&R) Exercise.

The aim of the exercise was to train CBRN W&R Cells at Joint Task Force (JTF) and Component Command (CC) levels. The training premises and ICT assets of the JCBRN Def COE provided a good-sized environment for hosted team performing the Higher Control (HICON) tasks.


HICON was responsible for generating the inputs to hierarchy-networked CBRN W&R elements and assessing their outcomes. The elements from NATO & Partners’ bodies and nations (AIRCOM Germany, CRR France, HRDC Spain, national elements from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia and Sweden) were performing the ATP-45 procedures as training audience to accomplish the exercise’s training objectives. CBRN Reachback Element (JCBRN Def COE) was engaged in the Bold Blast ‘16 as well, providing a Subject Matter Expertise for HICON through a reply on Request for Information raised.

All tasks of the exercise were performed well and they confirmed a necessity of preparing and running complex CBRN scenarios for CBRN W&R training purposes as well as following a modern Alliance’s approaches and trends for Education and Training.


Support to the BOLD BLAST 2016 is conceived as part of long-term contribution to the NATO’s CBRN W&R training activities. The JCBRN Def COE opened the year 2016 by CBRN Analysis Super User Course in March and will continue by Warning and Reporting Specialists Course in October, also planning to participate in other Alliance’s CBRN W&R /CBRN Information Management/ related events.