On 13th June 2016, the 1st Deputy Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Jiří Baloun, visited the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence in Vyškov and took the opportunity to award some leaving personnel of the Centre.
Lieutenant General Baloun awarded a commemorative plaque of the Chief of General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces to Colonel Willie Joe Flucker (United States of America) –Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Stefano Pensalfini (Italy) – Chief of the CBRN Defence Capabilities Development and Defence Planning Section, Lieutenant Colonel Ferenc Menyhárt (Hungary) – Chief of the CBRN Experimental Support Section.
In addition, all outgoing COE members have been honoured by Diploma Laudi Memoralibis for professional attitude and outstanding active involvement in performing NATO CBRN Defence tasks and obligations to support the JCBRN Defence COE, thus improving the CBRN Capacities and Capabilities of this international military organization and its positive perception in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.
Diploma Laudi Memoralibis were awarded to the above mentioned Colonel Flucker, Lieutenant Colonel Pensalfini, and Lieutenant Colonel Menyhárt as well as to Captain Luboš Trudič (Slovakia) and Commander Spyridon Kolovos (Greece) – both Concepts and Doctrines Section.