The 2017 iteration of WMD-CD-31883 Live Agent training Course was organized by the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence from 02 to 06 October 2017.

The aim of the course was to provide students with knowledge, skills and abilities to work confidently in protective clothing in a toxic environment containing chemical agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

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The students from NATO, PfP, ICI and MD countries (11 in total) were provided with practical knowledge on chemical warfare agents, their detection, decontamination and physical protection against them as well. At the end of practical part students were challenged to detect and identify the unknown samples to prove their ability in using appropriate methods for detection and identification of chemical agents. This practical training was the culmination point of the preparation of an individual in the area of dealing with real live chemical agents. The importance of this training was highlighted by visit of AirCdre Ralph REEFMAN, ACOS Defence Planning (HQ SACT).

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The course was conducted in cooperation with Military Research Institute Brno at the Live Agent Training Facility “Kamenná chaloupka” close to Vyskov, Czech Republic.

The course was evaluated as a very useful one with great value for students’ job.

Next iteration is planned for October 2018.

Photos: WO Petr MOHNACS (CZE-A), WO Pavel SKOPAL (CZE-A)