The Republic of Turkey hosted the 29th Doctrine and Terminology Panel (DTP) meeting in Antalya from 30 OCT – 03 NOV 2017. DTP is one out of seven NATO Joint CBRN Defence Capability Development Group’s panels (JCBRND-CDG).

Fifteen nations (AUS, BEL CAN, CZE, DNK, FRA, DEU, ITA, NLD, NOR, POL, ESP, TUR, GBR, USA) were represented, as well as ACO, (MCMSB) MAROPSWG, and JCBRND COE. For the first time C-IED COE provided a participant.

The first day was – as usually – designed as a plenary session. DTP’s chairperson, LTC (DEU A) Bernd Allert, informed all participants on results, tasks and guidance provided by JCBRND-CDG. On the agenda was also informing on the Allied Joint Operations Doctrine (AJOD) working group, as well as on the current status of the CBRN Comprehensive Database, established and maintained by the COE.

Doctrine & Terminology Panel (in uniform Col (TUR-AR) Tunay, garrison commander of Antalya)

During the following days all DTP members took part either in the Doctrinal or the Terminology syndicate.

Main topic for Doctrinal work was study draft of the ATP-3.8.1 Volume I “CBRN DEFENCE ON OPERATIONS”. During the Doctrinal Syndicate work more than 200 critical and substantial comments were discussed. Participating nations determined the final structure and content of this important document. At the end of syndicate session it was decided that in February 2018 Joint CBRND COE Vyškov will organize a custodian meeting in order to conclude the work on study draft 2.

Joint CBRND COE C&D Section

The Terminology Syndicate faced some tough challenges as well. A lot of words in CBRN language need to be defined precisely to avoid future misinterpretations and to create a NATO-wide common language. The Spring 2017 meeting in Oslo/NOR was last one chaired by Ms. Anita Walker (USA). Therefore, JCBRND COE provided for Antalya’s meeting MAJ (CZE A) Ilona Chylikova as acting chairperson. An almost new terminology team had ambitious discussions about new definitions like for WMD Disablement or CBRN Reconnaissance. Finally, they achieved definitions for 16 new terms. During the session USA provided LTC (US A), Alicia Masson, as the new chairperson.

The CAN representative and Vice-chairperson, MAJ Chris Sullivan, introduced the meeting facilities of the 30th DTP Meeting in Kingston, Canada.

However, there were not only nice events. The DTP had to farewell LTC Martin van Heynsbergen (NLD A), the Dutch representative. Friends called him MarTIM, due to his persistent engagement for TIM (= Toxic Industrial Materials).



Text: CPT Robert HROMADA, (SVK-A)

Photo: TUR AF