The JCBRN Defence COE hosted a Stocktaking MC 0603/1 Workshop from 5 December to 6 December 2017.

The workshop, which was organized and lead by the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Capability Development Group (JCBRND-CDG), was attended by 19 participants from Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and The United Kingdom. The workshop was also attended by representatives from different NATO bodies such as NATO HQ’s Arms Control, Disarmament, and WMD Non-proliferation Centre (ACDC), Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Allied Command Operation (ACO), Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) and, of course, the JCBRN Defence COE as hosting organisation.

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The JCBRND-CDG’s aim is to support the development of CBRN defence capabilities using all lines of capability development focusing on doctrine, materiel, and training as directed by the Military Committee Joint Standardization Board (MCJSB) and NATO Army Armaments Group (NAAG) guidance. This workshop was organized in addition to two regular meetings of this group and was focused on the Comprehensive CBRN Defence Concept (MC 0603/1) implementation.

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The workshop was opened by the JCBRND-CDG Chairperson Dr. Frank Sabath (DEU). He welcomed all participants and introduced the objectives of the workshop. Clearly stated objectives were to analyse CBRN Defence Capabilities, as defined by MC 0603/1, identify required actions for their development, and to coordinate the implementation activities of MC 0603/1 with the CBRN community of interest.


The outcome of this workshop will be introduced to participating Nations during the next JCBRND- CDG meeting, which will be held from 23 to 26 April 2018 in Athens, Greece.




Photo: Mrs. Hana JURČOVÁ