The aim of the course was to train qualified students in warning, reporting and hazard prediction of CBRN incidents and strengthen the foundation for integrity, good governance and management within members of the CBRN Warning and Reporting Centre by sharing experiences, challenges, and CBRN Warning and Reporting exercises in order to enhance professionalism.


The course was divided into two educative blocks. The first block (two days) was focused on detailed manual procedures of CBRN hazard prediction in accordance with ATP-45 (E), followed by practical exercises. The second block (three days) was dedicated to CBRN warning and reporting organization, responsibilities, principles and procedures focusing on CBRN Collection Centre staff. The practical preparation of CBRN W&R Plan was one of many tasks during a syndicate work. The final Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) got forced students to use all received information during the course and their own experience and knowledge to accomplish the required tasks.

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Sixteen students from CZE, GBR, GRC, HUN, ITA, SVN and POL expressed their satisfaction being involved in the process of practical and realistic solving the particular exercises focused on chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological hazard prediction.

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The discussions and mutual exchange of the experience with Bruhn NewTech and 314th CBRN Warning & Reporting Centre representatives and other course participants, familiarisation with the latest lessons learned when using manual and automated CBRN warning and reporting procedures supported the learning objectives of the course.

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The JCBRN Defence COE intends to continue with its educational and training activities in November 2018 by the “Consequence Management after CBRN Incident Course”.

Please see our Centre’s Training Portal for additional information about further courses organized by the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence.

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Photos: WO Petr MOHNACS (CZE A), Mr. Vladimír BEZDĚK (CIV)