Date: 20 – 24 May 2024
Status: NATO Approved
ETOC Code: WMD-MD-36866
Security level: NATO Unclassified releasable to PfP, MD, ICI, PatG*
Course Fee: 2500 CZK (approx. 100 EUR)**
Seats: min 15, max 25 participants
Deadline for enrollment: 7 April 2024
Venue: JCBRN Defence COE, Vyškov, Czech Republic


This course familiarizes each participant with NATO Counter-WMD doctrine and approaches by providing an introduction to NATO Counter-WMD activities and planning considerations. Successful completion of this course will enable participants to incorporate counter-WMD activities into their NATO planning efforts.

Learning Objective:
Through this course each student will gain an understanding of current and emerging WMD/CBRN threats; National counter WMD doctrine, strategy, and policy; and the non-proliferation and counter-proliferation roles and responsibilities of select international organizations. The course further explains NATO’s role in preventing WMD proliferation, its role in counter-proliferation and counter-WMD, and the relationship between CBRN defence and counter-WMD. The course will provide its participants with an understanding of MC 0635 (WMD Disablement Functional Concept); and counter-WMD planning considerations in accordance with AJP – 3.23 (Counter WMD in Military Operations). Upon successful completion, participants will understand the differences between NATO and national counter-WMD activities as outlined in AJP – 3.23.

Expected Training Audience:
Planners from NATO Command and Force Structures, national Ministries of Defence, subordinate military headquarters or agencies, and counter-WMD entities and staff (Intelligence, CBRN Defence, EOD, C-IED, MP, SOF, etc). Attendees should be military officers (OF-3 through OF-5), NCOs (OR-7 through OR-9), or their civilian equivalents.

*PfP – Partnership for Peace; MD – Mediterranean Dialogue; ICI – Istanbul Cooperation Initiative; PatG – Partners across the Globe
**no fee for the JCBRN Defence COE Sponsoring Nations and Contribution Partner