Read more: Combined Interoperability CBRN Defence in Air Operations Exercise »Toxic Trip 13«

Combined Interoperability CBRN Defence in Air Operations Exercise »Toxic Trip 13« was held in Italian Air Force Base Villafranca di Verona from 20 – 27 September 2013. This year the exercise was hosted by 3rd Wing (3° Stormo) of Italian Air Force. There were more than 300 participants from 14 NATO countries and 2 Partnership for Peace countries. Observers came from different NATO HQs and agencies as well as from United Arab Emirates.



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The JCBRN Defence COE held a combined Sponsoring Nations and Steering Committee (SC) Meeting in Vyškov, Czech Republic from 17 to 19 September 2013. We believe it was a very productive and successful meeting and the Sponsoring Nations made several important decisions that will shape the future of the COE’s activities. The COE Director COL Jiří Gajdoš named this meeting as the “Key Decisions meeting”.

During the Meeting SC members, guest and COE personnel paid tribute to our dear deceased friend, colleague and mentor Colonel Janos ZELENAK by opening ceremony of the COL Janos ZLENAK Conference Room.



Read more: The Head of the WMD Non-Proliferation Centre Visited the JCBRN Defence COE 

     On 27 August 2013 the JCBRN Defence COE hosted a prestigious visit of the Director of the Nuclear Policy Directorate and Head of WMD Non-Proliferation Centre Mr. Fred S. Frederickson. The Ambassador was accompanied by the delegation led by the Director of Defence Policy and Strategy Division of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic Mr. Jan Havranek.


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         The 23 July 2013 was another important day in COE history as the Republic of France became a new member of the JCBRN Defence COE. The number of Sponsoring Nations, which have decided to support NATO’s transformation process in the CBRN area, has now increased from eleven to twelve.

        The Signing Ceremony took place in Brussels, under umbrella of Framework Nation the Czech Republic MILREP MG Jiri Baloun, where all Sponsoring Nations Military Representatives together with the Allied Command Transformation representative and French Military Representative signed the respective Notes of Joining to participate in the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Establishment, Administration and Operation of the JCBRN Defence COE (Operation MOU) as well as in the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Functional Relationship regarding the JCBRN Defence COE (Functional Relationship MOU).


 Read more: JCBRN Defence COE and its First Step to Contribute to The Science for Peace and Security Programme

     The JCBRN Defence COE was offered by NATO to support partners from the Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) through the Science for Peace and Security Programme. The SPS Programme funds collaborative activities on topics that are relevant to NATO’s strategic objectives. Support is given for multi-year projects, technical workshops and training courses.

     “The Science for Peace and Security Programme, or SPS, is a policy tool for enhancing cooperation and dialogue with all partners, based on civil science and innovation, to contribute to the Alliance’s core goals and to address the priority areas for dialogue and cooperation identified in the new partnership policy.”