The 2017 iteration of WMD-CD-31883 Live Agent training Course was organized by the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence from 02 to 06 October 2017.

The aim of the course was to provide students with knowledge, skills and abilities to work confidently in protective clothing in a toxic environment containing chemical agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

Read more: WMD-CD-31883 Live Agent Training Course Read more: WMD-CD-31883 Live Agent Training Course


The validation of Allied Engineering Publication (AEP- 66), the NATO Handbook for Sampling and Identification of Biological Chemical and Radiological Agents (SIBCRA) and of the CBR FORENSIC SAMPLING TRAINING CONCEPT (FRTC) are important tasks which were identified by the JCBRN Capability Development Group (CDG) and passed on to the subordinate CDG panels.

On 1st November the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the German Armed Forces (“Bundeswehr”). COL Volker R. Quante, German Senior National Representative, invited all COE members to commemorate the foundation of the Bundeswehr in 1955.

The Republic of Turkey hosted the 29th Doctrine and Terminology Panel (DTP) meeting in Antalya from 30 OCT – 03 NOV 2017. DTP is one out of seven NATO Joint CBRN Defence Capability Development Group’s panels (JCBRND-CDG).

Fifteen nations (AUS, BEL CAN, CZE, DNK, FRA, DEU, ITA, NLD, NOR, POL, ESP, TUR, GBR, USA) were represented, as well as ACO, (MCMSB) MAROPSWG, and JCBRND COE. For the first time C-IED COE provided a participant.

German Central Manual A-2620/1 “Political Education within the Armed Forces” requires Germans serving in multinational headquarters and units to having regularly political education. Topics should be focussed on historical developments, political and military structures, and procedures of the contributing nations. It goes without saying that the manual applies to the four German soldiers serving in the JCBRND COE as well. Consequently, COL Volker R. Quante, in his capacity as German Senior National Representative, and in close cooperation with the German Military Attaché in Prague, LTC (GS) Stefan Halberstadt, organised a one-day educational event in Prague on 6th November 2017.