Read more: (JCBRND-CDG) Doctrine and Terminology Panel Meeting in AustraliaThe Doctrine and Terminology Panel (DTP) of the Joint CBRN Defence Capability Development Group (JCBRND-CDG) met for the 32nd meeting in Canberra, Australia (AUS) on Monday, 20th May 2019.

As the DTP’s chairperson, LtCol Bernd Allert of the JCBRND COE welcomed the 25 participants from NATO Nations and organisations and partner nations. The first day was dedicated to a plenary session that focused on a general information exchange concerning the recent JCBRND-CDG, MSJSB and further related working group meetings. The progress of AJP-3.8.1 Volume I “CBRN Defence on Operations”, terminology and CBRN defence comprehensive database was also briefed.

Read more: JCBRN Defence COE hosted the Detection, Identification and Monitoring Panel MeetingFrom the 24th April to the 26th April 2019 the JCBRN Defence COE hosted the Detection, Identification and Monitoring Panel (DIMP) meeting at the Orea Hotel Voroněž in BRNO and also at the JCBRN Defence COE in Vyškov. Forty-five participants from across NATO Allies and Partner countries followed this invitation: AUT (1), BEL (3), CAN (4), CZE (2), DEU (8), DNK (2), ESP (1), FIN (3), FRA (3),GBR (2), HUN, NLD (2), NOR (2), POL (3), SWE (4), USA (2). Additionally a representative from SHAPE/ PLS/J5 Division Planning Support Branch, Major Josef (Jay) KOPCHA along with speakers from the JCBRN Defence COE added valuable input to the meeting.

Read more: „Cold war with hot substances – weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are back“ …… was the slogan of the Austrian 2019 CBRN Defence Centre’s day of tradition. The day of tradition took place in KORNEUBURG/AUT on 25th April 2019. Reason for the day of tradition is the 26th April 1986, the day of the nuclear reactor catastrophe in Chernobyl, and, consequently, the follow-on missions of the Austrian CBRN defence forces.

Coat of Arms (AUT) CBRN Defence Centre

Read more: Raising Flag Ceremony at the Joint Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Defence Centre of...During the Steering Committee Meeting on 16 April 2019 Canada was officially welcomed into the JCBRN Defence COE by the raising the Canadian national colours.

The director stated:“ Today, we welcome strong partner in the CBRN domain with great know-how and it is beyond doubt that this will be again likewise any joining in the past extend the COE knowledge, a level of expertise and quality of products. I have a great honour to welcome Canada as a 14th member of JCBRN Defence COE.