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          The 8th annual meeting of the JCBRN Defence COE Steering Committee (SC) was held in Vyškov, Czech Republic on 20 and 21 April 2010, with participation from CZE, GBR, GRC, HUN, ITA, POL, ROU, SVK, SVN and representatives from SHAPE.

          The JCBRN Defence COE Director Zdenek Cizek commenced the meeting with his opening address, where he specifically announced the final step of the joining process for Hungary and Poland - the Note of Joining for the Functional Relationship MOU was signed by ACT Chief of Staff in Norfolk (USA) on 16 April 2010.


          The JCBRN Defence COE, represented by COL Zdeněk Čížek, and VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, represented by the Rector Ivo Vondrák, signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 31 March 2010.

         The signing of the MOU is the first step towards a new way of cooperation between these two institutions. The basic purpose of this MOU is to make provisions for estabilshment of the collaborative environment between the COE and VSB. The cooperation can cover:

o       Collaborative of teaching education and training

o       Exchange of teaching and research personnel

o       Collaboration for short-term training, symposhia and other academic meetings

o       Exchange of materials for studying and training

o       Support in the field of science, research, doctrine and lessons learned analysis,

o       Provision of expertise

           On Monday, 22 February 2010, the Technical Agreement (TA) between the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the JCBRN Defence COE was signed.

          This Agreement, signed up on behalf of the Minister of Defence by the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic general Vlastimil PICEK and the JCBRN Defence COE Director Colonel Zdeněk Čížek, specifies conditions for military training provided by (for) the JCBRN Defence COE Personnel on the territory of the Czech Republic. The Signing Ceremony concluded long-term negotiations leading to higher efficiency of training procedures.


Author: LTC Martin Peša, Zdeněk Hýbl


        The initial meeting of the Agent Defeat Working Group was held on 17 – 18 February 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic. The JCBRN Defence COE welcomed the offer to participate in the first meeting of the established working group. However, both JCBRN Defence COE members (LTC Martin Pesa and LTC Marek Podpora) played the role of observers, their approach as Subject Matter Experts was beneficial to terminology harmonization. The main topic was to identify gaps in current defence technologies and to trigger new cooperation among NATO allies.

        At the start of the meeting the Chairman of the WG Mr. Baxter Sosebee was elected by present participants from three countries (USA, CZE, DEU). Then the potential area of cooperation was described and the way forward developed. This plan is to be approved by Aerospace Capability Group 2 and it should be elaborated on subsequently in June when the next ADWG meeting is scheduled in Brussels, Belgium.


Author: LTC Martin Peša, CPT Ilona Bain


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        The JCBRN Defence COE held the NATO CEP – JCBRN Defence COE Coordination meeting on 8 – 9 February 2010 in Vyskov, Czech Republic. The JCBRN Defence COE Director, Col Zdenek Čížek, welcomed participants from Civil Emergency Planning (represented by Mr. Boe, Mrs. Ionete, Mr. Ahlberg, Mr. Øysteir), the General Directorate of Fire Rescue Service (represented by Mr. Chalupa, Mr. Matějka, Mr. Dittrich, Mrs. Braunová), the Technical University of Ostrava (represented Mr. Kvarčák, Mr. Danihelka), the University of Defence (represented by LTC Florus) and the JCBRN Defence COE (represented COL Kubart, Mr. Hýbl, LTC Križka).